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Maaaaa birthdayyy!!
Anonymous said: How does it feel to know that by now you could've been with Joe for over a year, but instead you messed up and he found someone better?

Then I was like:

First of all this is absolutely none of your business..and as you can tell i don’t even use this account much anymore. But since you asked.. it doesn’t faze me one bit. I had a very unrealistic “relationship” with him. I love my boyfriend to death and he actually treats me right and he can provide comfort for me that Joe, nor any LDR could. He’s physically there for me when i need him, he comes with me to my hospital treatments, he picks up school work for me that i miss when im in the hospital, and when i am in the hospital for my treatments he brings me flowers and cute movies and keeps me company. He’s just amazing and more than I could ever ask for! He’s also completely honest and open with me which Joe wasn’t. So that answers it, I don’t give 2 shits who Joe dates and what he does with his life. But thanks for asking

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